Can one go a week without calling your insurance company

To answer that above question….no…one can’t. It all starts with getting an e-mail with the super happy smiling lady stating “YOU HAVE A NEW CLAIM!!!!”. Oh joy! Why the smiling happy lady Aetna? Why not a picture of grumpy cat or Eeyore instead? That would make sense, I don’t want some insane person smiling at me when all I have to look forward to is gnashing of teeth and a painful phone conversation over lunch the next day.

This time is was yet again… bill to see the NF specialist. I called last October to make sure he was in my network (I had checked on line but wanted a verbal confirmation) and was told yes the hospital was, yes the doctor was, no referral needed and it would only be a $60 co pay. Then I get a bill for $500….What the what……I called and was told they have the wrong insurance info and was put through a conference call with the hospital and my insurance company to fix it. Then I received another bill for $500….not fixed Aetna..not fixed at all! So I call Aetna again and explain the past phone conversations and would they please fix this.

First the person can’t find my information, then they don’t know what the date is, can’t find the doctor and straight up tell me that he isn’t in my network. REALLY?! Because he is. Your Doc Find told me he is, 2 of your employees told me he is and you are changing your minds again! I am so blanking mad I will be writing to the CEO about this. It is beyond ridiculous.

On top of that, when I was doing my happy dance about the Loyola bill being fixed…..Well, they fixed it back to the higher amount that I will still refuse to pay. Why. Why. Why?!

After ever phone conversation I just feel like chucking my phone at the ground like that little kid int he Nationwide commercials. Or slamming it against the wall and screaming like Sandra Bullock does in “The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood”…..


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