Secret Insurance Form…Shhhhhh!

Another call to customer service with another promise to fix a claim leads to the same old bill being sent from the hospital. *Sigh* So, Friday I had to call my insurance company (AGAIN!). about two claims. One is going to be fixed because my doctor submitted the claim as an “office visit” not a “preventative care visit”. Make sure you know that anything preventative should not be charged, or if it is charged, it should be a visit and not a specialist visit.

I also chatted about my visit at Comer. Apparently, once again every other customer rep told me there wrong information (all six of them) and now I had the “real” info….The doctor is in my network, but not the hospital and I would loose any appeal that I would open. But, just like in the incredibles he couldn’t tell me to go on the website and click on a bunch of tabs leading me to manual claim sheet. All I have to do is fill out the sheet, fax it to Aetna, they will submit it to the doctor, he will submit my office visit instead of the hospital and my $500 bill will be reduced back down to a $60 co pay.

I am trying this and I hope it will work out, if nothing else, its dealing payment….


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