Your membership is important to us and other lies

So, I get this letter the other day from my insurance company. I had complained to them in February about how they told me I could go to Walgreens for my flue shot and then did’t want to pay for it because they meant that I could go to any *other* Walgreens, just not the one that I went to.

Their letter spends 4 paragraphs talking about things like:

Our primary goal is to be helpful in all your medical needs. We apologize for any frustration you may have experienced. We appreciate your input, which we anticipate will enable us to provide better service in the future.

Your membership is valued and I trust that you will not hesitate to contact us when you need assistance. We strive to provide you with prompt, accurate service in a manner that will demonstrate to you that your concerns are important.

Our customer service reps are fully trained in all areas and are there to be helpful in your questions. We strive for excellence and are consistently monitoring our calls to try and alleviate any problems that may arise.

We take all complaints seriously and use them as opportunities to improve member satisfaction.

Here is my reply…

Your primary goal is to suck time out of my life. Your reps consistently tell me different things depending on who I talk to. Please stop with the automated “you call is important to us”, replace it with “you have to stay on hold as long as we feel like it because out on line support is crap and will tell you to call us and what other choice do you have really?”.

Your service is neither prompt nor accurate. How can three reps tell me that a doctor and hospital are in network but the fourth one tells me that the first three lied and its my fault and I should have known this?

Upside is, I have another reason to write my senator…


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