A Bug Bite

So I woke up Sunday with a giant red welt on my right calf. A giant bite that seemed to have a ring around it. Commence freaking out about lyme.

Luckily (?) since my doctors office lost my labs I had to go in Monday to have my blood redrawn. I was able to see the doctor before my labs and she didn’t think it was lyme, but it did have a circle around it. So she put be on doxycycline, a hardcore antibiotic that will cure up the bite (it could just be infected) and tackle the lyme if it is there. She had them run a blood test for lyme too.

Doxycycline is a giant blue pill that has to be taken either 2 hours before or 2 hours after you eat. And you can’t have any calcium with it, it prevents your body from absorbing the good fighting medicine. So that means that 2 hours before and after a pill no calcium rich foods. No almonds, orange juice, yogurt, ice cream, chocolate, spinach…..

So, I got to skip my normal breakfast of yogurt and fruit today and had nut butter on raisin bread with a banana . And I put Reddi-Whip in my coffee instead of half-and- half…for some reason Reddi-Whip though made from cream has no calcium in it…..

Now it is day two of pills (out of 10) so lets see how this goes. Good thing is the pills can clear up your skin and help prevent malaria…..d


2 thoughts on “A Bug Bite

  1. Thats why I’m glad my doctor had the lab test added and I’m on meds just in case. I have read so much about doctors not being lyme-literate, its maddening! But most doctors have never heard of Nf either….


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