Calcium Rich Foods

Moving into the third day of my meds its interesting what foods are calcium rich. Since I can’t have calcium rich foods 2 hours before or after I take a pill its interesting what foods do and do not have calcium in them.

Most of the time the calcium thing is not a problem. I can wait the two hours after breakfast and be fine with not eating until lunchtime. Its the after dinner snack/ dessert that is interesting.

Cheez-its do not have any calcium, even though they advertise that cheese is smashed into their crackers. Cheetos do have calcium and Cheese Goldfish crackers have twice as much calcium as Cheetos. Figs have lots of calcium in them, so does orange juice, kale and spinach. Butter does not have any calcium, nor do bananas.

Peanut butter does not have calcium, almonds and almond milk has lots of calcium.

I feel like I am back to when I had massive food allergies (they’ve gotten much better over time) and had to intensely read labels to catch any signs of allergens.


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